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To encourage, educate and expand the art of photography since 2008
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Click the icons below to perform different search and filter functions. Click the "Show All" icon to display all available photo albums. Click the "Newest Albums" icon to display 30 newest or most recently updated albums. Click the "Filter" icon to filter albums by categories or subgroups (if your organization has chapters/subgroups). Click the Search icon to search for individual photos. When you perform a "search" the results will be organized into an album. Click on the results album to view the slideshow in a popup. Search can be combined with filter. For example, if you search want to search for a photographer name you can narrow your search to a specific category by combining with the filter.

Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Reset on Rules and Dates December 2021-November 2022 Theme of the Month Images
45 photos - updated 8/29/2022
A place for Group photos from all our meetups
PHOTOG Group Photos
106 photos - updated 4/18/2022
Bill's Photos - Bill Ramsay
13 photos - updated 2/6/2022
Aug 2021-November 2021 TOTM Winning Images
2021a TOTM Winning Images
10 photos - updated 1/30/2022
Digital Images
Digital Images - Jack A Rosa
19 photos - updated 1/1/2022
August 2020-November 2021 Theme of the Month Winning Images
2021 TOTM Winning Images
66 photos - updated 12/16/2021
B&W prints.  All 8x10 negatives.  Analog, of course.
B&W Landscapes - Jack A Rosa
8 photos - updated 11/16/2021
You'll find other fine photographs submitted by our members for the July  "Building" Theme.
Assignment Tulsa - Other July Entries
31 photos - updated 12/16/2020
Assignment Tulsa - Other Nov Entries
12 photos - updated 12/16/2020
Assignment Tulsa November Selections
12 photos - updated 12/16/2020
Assignment Tulsa - Other October Entries
11 photos - updated 11/18/2020
Assignment Tulsa October Selections
9 photos - updated 11/18/2020
Theme:  CandyWild Card:  Any aspect of candy works.
2020 OCT TOTM Advanced
12 photos - updated 11/16/2020
Assignment Tulsa - Other September Entries
22 photos - updated 10/28/2020
Assignment Tulsa September Selections
10 photos - updated 10/28/2020
2020 Winning Images for Theme of the Month Creative Concepts Gallery Show
2020 Creative Concepts Gallery Show
27 photos - updated 10/15/2020
Winning Images for our Theme of the Month- Sept 2019 thru Aug 2020
2020 TOTM Winning Images
42 photos - updated 9/28/2020
Assignment Tulsa Selections August 2020
Assignment Tulsa August Selections
9 photos - updated 9/23/2020
You'll find other fine photographs submitted by our members for the August "Icons" Theme
Assignment Tulsa - Other August Entries
29 photos - updated 9/23/2020
Theme:  Green
2020 AUG TOTM Advanced
20 photos - updated 9/18/2020
Theme:  Green
2020 AUG TOTM Novice
11 photos - updated 9/18/2020
Assignment Tulsa Selections July 2020
Assignment Tulsa July Selections
9 photos - updated 8/26/2020
Promo Photos for March 9th, 2020  Meetup
2020 Spring Car Trails Full Moon Set
8 photos - updated 2/13/2020
Theme:  White
2020 Jan TOTM Nov
4 photos - updated 2/1/2020
A Album for our Sept 2018- Aug 2019 TOTM winning images.
2019 TOTM Winning Images
45 photos - updated 11/21/2019
Outdoors in September
2019 Sept TOTM Novice
3 photos - updated 10/2/2019
Spring Photography
2019 April TOTM Novice
6 photos - updated 5/4/2019
December Lights 2018 - Kathy Desruisseau
28 photos - updated 12/15/2018
2018 Kelby World Wide Photo Wlk
56 photos - updated 12/12/2018
2018 Oklahoma Heritage Horses - Loretta A Hubbard
22 photos - updated 12/3/2018

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